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It is your garden

Walking to home
in your own garden
when you get out of your car.

Special for families, looking
for elegant atmosphere

There is only
6 villas at iGarden.

Each villa is specially designed
with private autopark,
private garden and
4 season livable terrace.

Proud to offer iGarden,
where you will enjoy
the ERVES Quality
in every single detail.


It is your garden. Your autopark.

Enjoy the terrace
in every season

4 season livable terrace
by automatical pergola system



Vaziyet Planı


Kat Planı


235 sqm 4,5 room + 1 saloon triplex villas

130-150 sqm private gardens

Automathical pergola system by remote control

Private autopark areas with private door

Separate generator system for every villa

Floor heating system, incluiding veranda and balcony

Automatical blinds in every window as hidden box

Laundry/Washing room

Suite room and bathroom at terrace floor

Modern facade designed with natural wood and stone

Location in walking distance to Serdivan Mall and Agora Mall

ERVES Quality difference in details